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Woodland Park prepared and studied during his week of practice that led to his 2A matchup against Delta.

They analyzed the film, dissected the offense, and committed to remembrance.

And when Delta got the ball into Nolan Bynum's hands, they knew exactly what was coming.

But it was a change in Delta's defense scheme that distracted Woodland Park from its axis and created pendulum-like pulse swings as Delta defeated Woodland Park 27-2.

"Offensive they were exactly what we expected," said Joe Roskam, Woodland Park coach. “It turns out they have some pretty good football players there, and their quarterback is as good as I've seen in a long time. These guys know who they are and what they are good at. "

After being kept goalless in the first quarter, Bynum gave Nathan Scharnhorst a 25-yard touchdown pass to put Delta on the board early in the second quarter. The duo reacted again on the next ride, this time with a 44-yarder in the middle.

"I knew I had a 1v1 match and I knew my husband would beat him all day so it was easy for me," said Bynum.

Delta wanted to get into the end zone a third time before the end of half, but Woodland Park, determined to give some momentum before half time, put together a defensive stop that was supported by a sack of WP, Bryson Cox and WP limited was Aiden Hernandez.

Only a few minutes later the momentum shifted again.

Less than a minute into the first half, Woodland Park tossed Colton Johnson inside the 25-yard line, resulting in a 48-yard touchdown pass from Bynum to Noah Nortnik with just over 30 ticks remaining.

The second half was a different story, however, as Woodland Park held the Delta offensive goalless until the last minute of the fourth quarter. However, the damage was done when Delta and Bynum shifted focus to their own defensive performance.

"We hurt ourselves offensive with penalties and the like, but the defense came through," said Bynum, who had two interceptions in the second half. "Defensively, we knew we had to generate revenue so they couldn't get that momentum going and benefit from their mistakes."

Just as Woodland Park was beginning to move efficiently in the field, leaning on Braden Roskam on the ground, Bynum broke the 1-yard line. The Delta senior was told just three days before his team kicked off that he would play it safe this year.

“I haven't played defense in three years. I love hitting people and flying around, it's so fun and I think it's good for me. It keeps me warm throughout the game and keeps my head in the game and keeps me focused. "

Following Bynum's Redzone election, Woodland Park's defense turned the mistake into points when junior Adam Garner attacked Timothy Horn in the end zone for security reasons.

"We'll do that," said Joe Roskam. “We're trying to play a great defense. Offensive, I think if we were a little better than a ball game we would have had a shot. "

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