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Wildlife officers attacked by a deer northeast of Colorado Springs consider the animal was illegally raised by a neighbor – KKTV

EL PASO COUNTY, Colorado (KKTV) – A deer attacked a woman while she was walking her dog in Colorado on Friday, and wildlife officials believe the animal was illegally raised by a neighbor. The woman survived the vicious attack, but CPW is reminding the public of the dangers of interacting with wildlife.

The attack happened in the morning when the victim was walking her dog. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) did not provide an exact location, but said the incident happened in the Black Forest. CPW said the deer approached the woman and she "thought the deer just wanted to be" cuddled "when it approached her and her dog." After the attack, the rangers were forced to track down the money and put it to sleep.

"The attack comes after CPW wildlife officers received information that a neighbor of the victim was feeding the 1½ year old buck in violation of state law – and even picked him up after he was orphaned," CPW wrote in a press release.

CPW examined numerous tips that someone had illegally reared a deer prior to the attack but was never able to confirm this. The attacked woman had injuries to her head, face and legs. Despite her serious injuries, she is expected to recover. She stayed in the hospital from Friday evening.

"Later Friday morning, a CPW wildlife officer was approached outside the victim's house by a young buck with apparent blood on its antlers. Given the buck's aggressive nature and the visible blood on its antlers, the officer euthanized the deer," CPW wrote.

CPW was able to track down the person suspected of raising the deer. A quote is expected, but the investigation is still ongoing. The victim in the

“This buck showed no fear of the woman and her dog. And when our officer reacted to the scene, it approached within a few meters. This tells me that the deer was very comfortable around people. Dangerously comfortable. It saw humans as a source of food. "

CPW detailed the attack in the publication:

"When she realized she was being attacked, the victim said she dropped her dog, grabbed the deer's antlers, and she and the animal fell to the ground," CPW wrote. “It bored her until she got back on her feet. She ran to (her) house and keyed in the security code to open the garage door, only to be attacked a second time by the deer. She ran between two cars in the garage to escape the deer and stop the attack. "

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