Colorado Springs Police K9s are stars of 2021 calendars – Colorado Springs Gazette

Britta and Luna Pixel modeled for their own special months in the 2021 Colorado Springs Police K9 calendar.

They’re two of the stars of this annual fundraiser for the Police Cadet Corps.

Britta, a native of Belgium, is usually busy searching out explosives. During downtime she loves to run, play with her Chuckit Ball and search out doggie treats and carrots. Britta’s partner and handler jokes that he is, in fact, her chauffeur who’s required to always play her favorite classic rock music. A Britta fun fact: When she finds explosives, she does a “happy dance!”

Luna Pixel is a Colorado Springs native and the only electronic-detection K9 in Colorado. Her job: helping the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit find electronics used in child exploitation cases. She’s a valuable tool, say her humans. And she’s a four-legged sweetheart who snuggles against her handler or co-workers when she senses someone needs to take a break. Ignore her and she’ll offer an insistent nibble until that teammate pays attention and slows down.

The K9 calendar tells the story of each of the photogenic dogs.

Calendars are $10 and benefit the Police Cadet program, “designed to grow young leaders who become active in our community” while learning about local law enforcement.

Police Sgt. Jason Newton said, “While some cadets do go on to become CSPD officers or work in the criminal justice field, our main goal is not to recruit, but rather to help equip some of our youngest community members with strong leadership skills and knowledge that they can take into any career or path they choose. In order to keep this program free for everyone, we rely on fundraising and generous donations from our community. The sales from these calendars will directly help pay for the cadets’ leadership training, travel expenses, uniforms and more.”

Buy calendars at the front desk of Police Operations Center, 705 S. Nevada Ave., 8 a.m.-7 p.m. daily, or by mail from the website: cadet-program.

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