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Colorado Springs constitution faculty CEO apologizes for mandate which focuses on a racist arc – KKTV 11 Information

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (KKTV) – The CEO of a Colorado Springs charter school apologizes for an assignment to students entitled "N-Word Journal". This is evident from a document made available to 11 news items by members of the community.

11 News received a copy of the contract in question from multiple viewers after a social media post was circulated earlier this week tied to a high school class at the James Irwin Charter Schools. Viewers found the task offensive as it revolved around a racist arc. The document goes on to say in part: “The N-word is problematic because it is a part of our past that is inconsistent with our present. We will not say this word in class out of respect for the many people who find it offensive. Please treat this issue with respect, openness and a serious attitude. It's not something to giggle about with your friends. Our approach will be ACADEMIC AND RESPECTIVE. "

Some of the questions asked in the assignment for 11 News are:

"How do you feel about the N-word (in any form)?"

“Is it difficult to speak of the N word in an academic setting? Why or why not?"

"Why is this topic relevant to the novel? Your eyes were watching God?" Did its use in the novel bother you? Why or why not?"

Shortly after 11 News notified the school principal of concern about the assignment, the CEO promptly replied that he had prepared a letter for his employees and families. You can read the full letter to co-workers and families at the end of this article.

Part of the letter reads, "The assignment is not something that James Irwin Charter Schools is educationally committed to and it was removed as soon as I was made aware of its posting."

The letter goes on to say that the teacher "is really sorry" that the assignment hurt the students and families deeply. The teacher will now have the administration review future assignments before posting the paper. James Irwin Charter Schools CEO Rob Daugherty added that an event will be held at the high school to directly address these concerns and racial tensions as a whole.

"On behalf of the James Irwin Charter Schools, I apologize for the injury or pain this horrific event caused and I will personally ensure that our schools and teachers in the future have the tools they need to better manage sensitive issues" as Rob Daugherty wrote.

11 News chose to cover this story because community members and students at the school were concerned and the CEO had taken action about it.

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