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300 households obtain Thanksgiving meals in Colorado Springs – KRDO

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (KRDO) – As countless families struggling to make ends meet amid the pandemic, several local organizations came together this weekend to offer them Thanksgiving meals.

The Salvation Army Fountain Corps, the Association for the United States Army, and other local organizations and corporations distributed drive-thru-style meals to 300 families – both military and civilian – on Saturday afternoon.

157 of the families were from the military.

"I'm pretty grateful it's honest, especially after getting back from the mission," said Soldier Joshua Carter. "It's wonderful, especially with everything that's going on, that people are still out here, still devoting themselves to helping."

"Most people in the military – it's just hard to go home on vacation, especially when your state is divided into red zones," added Daniel Nascimento.

Many of the other 143 families live in the Colorado Springs area and have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We lost our house this year," said Misty Taylor. "So we stay with friends and family and just treasure everything we have and it's really nice and a blessing."

"Working with the entire COVID situation has been very stressful for the family, so we are very grateful that we can have a Thanksgiving dinner because of this situation," Andrea Hernandez told KRDO.

The organizers told us they have been doing this for a long time, but this year they had their plates full.

"COVID-19 has devastated tons of families, families who would never have been here, looking for help outside our doors," explained Lt. Paul Chisholm. "It just breaks my heart, the state we are in right now, but it's a great honor to be able to help everyone I can."

The Salvation Army has many other events and giveaways planned for the holiday season.

Click the links below to learn how to donate to some of the local chapters:

The Fountain Valley Salvation Army

Colorado Springs Salvation Army

Pueblo Salvation Army

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