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EDITORIAL: Finding the Area Command – Colorado Springs Gazette is definitely not a missile operation

A culture of intellect, talent and education must surround the permanent headquarters of the Space Command. "Rocket science" like "brain surgery" can mean life or death. If our country is not a world leader in space defense science and technology, we risk national devastation.

"The risk of space in Pearl Harbor is growing day by day," wrote US Representative Jim Cooper, D-Tenn., 2019. "But this war would not last years." It would rather go beyond the day it started. Without our satellites, we would have a hard time regrouping and fighting back. We may not even know who attacked us, only that we were deaf, dumb, blind, and powerless. "

We are vulnerable right now, but the Pentagon is trying to pinpoint the proper permanent location of the Space Command – the Combatant Command established in Colorado Springs and re-commissioned last year, as enemy enemies increasingly threaten our space assets.

Dave Deptula, Senior Military Scholar at the Air Force Academy, wrote for Forbes last month interviewing the Pentagon about enticing communities other than Colorado Springs to host Space Command. Shifting command would cost hundreds of millions of dollars and disrupt the process of getting competitive quickly and staying competitive in space-based national defense. President Donald Trump is slated to designate a permanent home for the space command in January.

"If, as Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett said at the 2019 Reagan National Defense Forum, this is a Sputnik moment that calls for the very best in integrated space resources and operations, what point does it make to jeopardize and restrict the achievement of full operations?" delay US Space Command's ability to move it outside of Colorado Springs and away from the extensive military space infrastructure already in place? “Asked Deptula.

That makes no sense. In this case, taxpayers must ask for answers. Moving Space Command would undoubtedly endanger national security.

None of the five other cities vying to host the space command have the military, cultural, and geographic advantages that the sources offer. Any decision to shift command would be purely political and against the good of humanity.

All finalist communities can promise infrastructure upgrades and meet the most basic criteria of the Pentagon. You can woo the Pentagon using any of the tactics typically used to attract desirable companies that offer high-wage jobs and attract skilled workers.

Space Command's other finalists cannot match the educational and intellectual climate of Colorado Springs and the rest of the state in their lifetime. Among the six finalists who run the combatant's command, none comes close to Colorado Springs' brain excess.

Finalists include air bases in or near Albuquerque. Omaha, Neb .; Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Florida; San Antonio; and Huntsville, Ala.

Unlike these other good communities, Colorado Springs regularly tops the list of "Best Educated" cities in America and the list of "Best Cities" to Live in. These kinds of accomplishments require generations of work and blessings from nature that are not evenly distributed. No other city can offer Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls, an enviable climate, or the Air Force Academy.

Probably because successful people are drawn to Colorado Springs, the city ranked 11th on a July list of the best educated cities compiled by financial publication WalletHub. When reviewing the data on the country's 150 largest metropolitan areas, 18 metrics were considered, including the proportion of adults aged 25 and over with a bachelor's degree or higher, the quality of the public school system, the gender gap, and more.

Among the other finalists, Huntsville ranks 27th, 11 cities below Colorado Springs; Omaha drops 21 places on the 32nd; Albuquerque is 38 cities below Colorado Springs; The Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville subway ranks 78th, and San Antonio falls 97 rungs below the springs.

With its 57 universities, including the Air Force Academy, the WalletHub poll ranked Colorado third among the "best educated" states. The other states considered for Space Command aren't high on the list. Nebraska ranks 23rd, Florida 27th, Texas 39th, New Mexico 42nd, and Alabama 46th out of 50.

Among several studies and rankings that document the level of education and intelligence of Colorado Springs, the city is listed by SmartTech magazine under “8 Smart Cities to Watch in 2020”. The eight were chosen to use technology to help residents with the pandemic. None of the other finalists for Space Command made the list.

As space defense becomes more sophisticated, Space Command needs an increasingly robust talent pool to draw from. That means keeping headquarters in a city and state known for a culture of education and an unmatched quality of life. Making a decision in favor of springs should be easy. To mix two amazing clichés: "It's not a missile operation."

The editorial staff of the newspaper

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