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Colorado Springs Utilities prospects are actually prone to service shutdowns. Fee plans accessible – KKTV

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (KKTV) – If you are a Colorado Springs Utilities customer, there is a risk that service will be interrupted if you fail to pay your bills. As a result, there are now payment plans that customers can use to keep their services if they are still having issues during the pandemic.

In March, the CSU suspended non-payment benefits in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. From then until June, Governor Jared Polis did not order shutdowns across the state when people couldn't pay their bills.

The CSU has continued to appoint Polis until now. From mid-October, the CSU will restart the processes for separating services.

Customers can avoid disruption by paying their bills using payment plans that span six, 12, 18 months, or more.

"We know how important our services are for our customers, especially in times when people may work from home and go to school from home," said Danielle Oller of the CSU.

If you don't have a payment plan yet and are concerned about your bills, contact the CSU right away. Further information and details on payment support can be found here.

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